Yeah.  We can come to you.  Ready to get that auto window tint done that you’ve been dreaming of?  Stuck at the office?  Maybe you’re at home and can’t get out.  Well, Reno Tahoe Window Tint can come to you!  We’ll find out the exact tint that you need and have it pre-cut in our shop.  Then we can come to your location, meticulously prep your windows, and complete your whole install at your location.

Our Service Area

We offer auto window tint services at your location anywhere within 75 miles of Reno.  So, with an appointment, we can come to Minden, Gardnerville, Carson City, and even South Lake Tahoe.

Top Quality Mobile Auto Window Tint

Reno Tahoe Auto Window Tinting

We love to do really great work.  When people see your auto window tint, we want you to brag about the top notch way that we got it done for you.  We considered hiring a swedish bikini skydiving team to rub your shoulders while we install your window tint – but you’d probably be too busy for that.  So instead, we’ll just do the most professional, high quality auto window tint installation available anywhere in Northern Nevada.  And we’ll leave the Swedes back at our office.

High Quality Materials

With many MANY years of experience in auto window tint ing, we’ve seen the good and the bad as far as quality materials go.  We use several trusted brands of window tinting material dependent on the type of installation.  We have a keen sense for picking the materials that will have the greatest clarity and the most durability.  There are many great brands out there and we have access to their films.  So, when you’re ready to discuss your application – we’re ready to steer you toward the film that will do the best job and last the longest.  By the way, we guarantee our work and our film 100%.  So, we don’t make mistakes.

Installation by Appointment

Because 80% of our installations are done at your site, all of our installations are done by appointment.  We book as much as 2 weeks in advance – not saying that we don’t have an opening for you tomorrow, but if you did have a particular day and time for an auto window tinting project, we could put it on the calendar and send you reminders as the appointment gets closer.  Not sure how important that is to you, but an expensive marketing consultant in a suit and tie told us that it was a good thing to offer.

How Dark Can You Go?

reno auto window tint

Well, in Nevada we have more liberal tint rules than some of our neighboring States, like the one to our left that has really overbearing regulations on nearly everything.  So, if you go by Nevada rules, you have to be very careful about visiting that Socialist Utopia next door because not only will they ticket you – but they make you do a roadside removal (at least we keep hearing stories of that).  So, choose your auto window tinting wisely.

Because of their stricter guidelines, we recommend that you match their requirements.  Here’s the deal:

California Window tint darkness


The amount of light that can pass through your car windows is measured in percentages (called VLT), so make sure your tinting film is up to these standards! In California there is no difference in regulations for sedans, or SUVs and vans, so these laws are for all vehicles.

  • Windshield doesn’t legally allow any tinting applied to it.
  • Front side windows must pass through more than 70% of light inside your car (70% VLT)
  • Back side windows and rear window can have any darkness (that is looser than it was for many years!)

Window tint reflection

California doesn’t allow the usage tinting film that has more reflection than a standard window.

Side mirrors

If your car’s rear window is tinted, you must have dual side mirrors on your vehicle.

Restricted tint colors

In California you’re not allowed to use red or amber window tint film.

Medical exemptions

Though some states allow different window tint percentages due to certain medical conditions, in CA there are no exceptions.

Window film certificate

Drivers are required to have a certificate signed by the tint installing company or from the film manufacturer stating the VLT percentage clearly, and it must display tint film manufacturer’s name and address. Manufacturers are also required to certify the film in this state before they are allowed to sell it.

So, in comparison to Nevada rules, the tint difference is only 5% because Nevada allows a 65% VLT on front side window tinting.  Better to be safe.  Go with California’s rules if you frequent Sacramento, the Bay Area, etc.

Is there a better time of year to have an auto window tinting installed?

In the Reno Tahoe area, for that matter, all of Northern Nevada, weather can be a factor.  Mostly, winter would be the issue.  Freezing weather is not great for a fresh install.  So, if you’ve got to leave the vehicle in direct exposure to freezing temperatures – you should wait until spring (or at least a decently warm period of time).

Summer installs are great!  We can show up in shorts.  That always makes an install better for us! May not be better for you.  A couple of our team members have some pretty funny looking legs!

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Reno Tahoe Auto Window Tinting Sample Porsche

Reno Auto Window Tinting Jetta Before & After Example

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Reno Tahoe Auto Window Tinting Sample - Little Red Corvette