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Reno is one of those environments where home window tinting makes so much sense!  If you have many windows in your home, they become massive openings for heat, UV rays, just frickin’ brightness.  Residential window tinting can save you a fortune during seasons where you have heavy use of air conditioning.  Some clients report a 70% savings on household cooling costs.  That reason alone should justify getting your home windows tinted. But there is also the awesome aesthetic reasons.  The look of a nice tint can give your home a curb appeal and give you a more pleasing view out your windows too.

So, now you have to be wondering, “why is Reno Tahoe Window Tint perfect to do our home window tint?”.  We are setup for mobile tinting – so when we arrive at your home for the appointment to complete your home tint, we have everything to complete your tint professionally and quickly.

In addition to being super installers, we guarantee our work and we’re sure that you’ll love the finished product.  We start with the right equipment and film to do the job.  Then you get your installation done by one or more of our highly trained team members.


Decrease Interior Heat

Home window tinting can decrease the temperature in your residence by up to 70%. Crazy, right?

Reducing Glare into your Home

Glare gets pretty strong in Reno and all of Northern Nevada. Window tinting can significantly reduce glare so your views become more spectacular.

Protect Your Furniture & Your flooring

Direct sunlight hitting your furniture, hardwood floors, and carpet – all can be faded by the harmful rays of the sun.  The tint will protect your home’s interior and the items inside.


Window film can help you to increase your privacy in your home without having to close drapes, shutters, or blinds.  All those things work well on giving you privacy, but also make you feel more closed in.  With the proper tint, you still get the visibility of the outdoors and views around your home.  And you get that visibility without feeling like you live in a goldfish bowl.  So, whether you’re someone that likes walking around naked, or less modestly, don’t want to be seen by any watching weirdos, window tints will free you up to feel more personally comfortable.


Home window tinting adds security because thieves can’t see what’s inside your home and are less likely to break in if they can’t make a visual on something that they want to target.


Reno Tahoe Window Tint Shade Sample

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Reno Tahoe Window Tint for Home Window Tinting

Reno Tahoe Home Window Tinting Sample